Dyson Energy Services: Celebrating over 40 Years of Energy Efficiency

Celebrating 40 years in the energy sector, Dyson Energy Services stands as a leading energy-saving company with a rich history of delivering excellence. Our expertise spans projects of all sizes, and we have established a growing footprint in insulation, heating, and renewable services.

A Legacy of Energy-Saving Measures

Over four decades, Dyson Energy Services has undertaken nearly 3 million energy-saving measures, encompassing insulation, heating, and renewables. As a national installer, we pride ourselves on providing cost-effective solutions to our customers, ensuring each measure is delivered and installed to the highest possible standards.

Empowered by Duality Group

In 2016, Dyson Energy Services joined forces with Duality Group, fortifying our position as leaders in the insulation and heating market across the UK. This partnership has enabled us to offer a comprehensive “whole-house approach” to in-home energy savings, empowering our customers to achieve greater efficiency and cost savings.

Driving Energy Efficiency Nationwide

At Dyson Energy Services, we are driven by a passionate commitment to helping the nation become more energy-efficient. By reducing household energy bills and contributing to government targets for carbon emissions reduction, we actively participate in building a sustainable future.

Building a Reputation of Excellence

Throughout our journey, Dyson Energy Services has earned an enviable reputation for delivering quality and exceptional service. Our extensive customer base includes homeowners, tenants, social housing providers, housebuilders, local authorities, principal contractors, and energy suppliers, all of whom trust us to provide top-notch solutions.

Our People: Our Greatest Asset

For over 40 years, Dyson Energy Services has recognised that its greatest asset is its people. Their expertise, dedication, and commitment have allowed us to maintain the highest standards in customer care and operational excellence. We value and invest in our team to ensure we continue to lead the way in energy efficiency.